Webcasts / Podcasts
Studio Rentals

In this day of Independent Journalism, Audio/Video Podcasts and Webcasts have become more prominent over the past few years.

We provide and gear for a 4- 6 person podcast/webcasts.

Our 20′ X 20′ space and 32′ X 22′ green screen, pro-sound & lighting studio delivers versatility in all aspects of your
video production.

From broadcast television set design to product shots, we deliver a creative environment with everything you’ll need for the
best quality.

When we rent out Studio D, we also think about your branding as well. We adapt the set to your image and style. eg. we can show a company logo as backdrop behind you plus provide all graphics and titling giving you that polished professional image everytime.

Studio D – Green Screen Production Set

With a variety of equipment and setup layouts available, we help you achieve a professional sound, look and consistent image
every time.

Our Video Studio for Webcast/Webinar/Training Video’s includes:

Yamaha O3D Digital Mixer
Sennheiser 416 shotgun
Se Electronics Microphones
Sennheiser Headphones
10’X20′ Green Screen
70″ Monitor
2x Teleprompter Monitors
Aperture Lighting
RGB Background Lighting
OBS Video Switching
3 x HD Cameras

Rental Price is ALL IN:
Tech crew, camera equipment, lighting, make-up, editing, chairs, tables, couches, plants, pictures just to name a few. Everything is set to professionally shoot your material.

WEBCASTS / PODCASTS RATES START AT $150.00/hr 2 Hr minimum
FULL DAY 8 hrs Studio Time – please call for Estimate,
Based on Production Needs.