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L.A. Studio Music Production

Independent Record Label and Talent Development Company since 1997, dedicated to assisting Artists in all areas of the Music Industry.

Want to record a Demo CD or Album?

Already made your album?
Want to get it distributed properly across the country and around the world with radio airplay?

“Take your Music and Talent to The Next Level!”

We provide Artists with;

  • Studio Recording Time,
  • Studio Musicians,
  • Producers,
  • Music Marketing,
  • Publishing,
  • Distribution
  • Radio Airplay
  • PR (public relations)
  • Live Gigs
  • Music Retail plus so much more!

L.A. Studio features 1 control room, 1 acoustically treated live room and 1 tight isolation booth plus a video shooting stage for even more recording options. Our studio earns reputation by maintaining top notch equipment and a talented, down to earth team that looks after every detail to help recording artists stay relaxed, focused and performing at their best.

Our backline equipment list is extensive. With several Dynamic and Condenser Microphones to choose from and multiple Pre-Amps, Guitar Amps and EQ’s at our disposal, we will find the sound you’re after in all your recordings.

Backline Instruments are also available to all recording artists including Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Drums, Bass as well as specialty instruments and specialty percussion.

Plus if we don’t have it,
we can get it!
We rent through any of these amazing companies:

Mainstage Backline Winnipeg
Sonic Backline Winnipeg
Long and McQuade Winnipeg


1st Time Recording Package
Now $900.00
10 hours Studio Recording
Digital Mastering, Graphic Design
Digital Copy in .mp3 and .wav

6 Song-Radio Ready
Demo Pack Now $2495.00
3 Days-24 hours Studio Recording
Digital Mastering, Poster,
100 CD Duplicated Copies
Digital Copies in .mp3 and .wav

Recording Packages Include:
Digital Copies of your work in .mp3 and .wav, CD booklet with Album Graphic Design and Packaging, a DVD of your in studio performance and recording time plus Professional Photography

***Studio Rates***
A $50.00 deposit is required on all In-House Sessions.
Studio Time starts at $75.00/hr for music recording sessions.
Deposits must be made at the time of booking with us.

Artist Recording Testimonials

“Although I was absolutely wiped out after Saturdays Session….I had a great time and I have never been so impressed!!!! You are such an artist in your own rite and it is apparent to me that you are meticulous in everything you do. You have an ear for everything and I am very happy with the songs we are working on.” “I am looking forward to continuing to work with you!!!” “Great job and thank you for taking such efforts to make it perfect!!!” “This is still a learning curve for me but you are giving me lots of tips and tricks throughout the process. I guess this is why you are the best!!!” Lisa Leschert.

“Working with Brad and the Team so far at L.A. Studio Productions has been awesome, I am coming into the studio with absolutely no experience in recording. I really appreciate the care and thought you have put into these first few songs of my new album. You have a great ear! There is all this intricate detail that you are so attentive to. I love how quick Cam picked everything up on the drums and just took it to the next level, thank you. The studio atmosphere is really relaxed. I can only look forward to working with you more. I really appreciate everything” – Erin Beusekom

“Brad, my producer really let me take the reins on the album and I was able to put a lot of creative style into it. I was able to change it as I saw fit and this ended up creating a deep body of work, which sounded nothing like the original when I wrote it. The creativity amongst the team was challenging yet so much Fun!”
Mike Maguire

Whatever the reason, there’s a decided passion throughout the album. “Brad and the LA Studio Musicians that contributed to this album did an excellent job. The standout songs on the album for me include Suspicions, This is the Life and Just a Lie.”
Carol Arbour

“It was amazing to work with Brad and his team at LA Studio’s! Simply fantastic.” Every song came out just as planned! Didn’t break the budget either. Still had money left to buy extra CD’s to help off-set the cost. We had no problem selling our 500 copies to fans, friends and family!”
Pieces Of Red

Album Art Designs

Our YouTube Channel Features

Some Of Our Artist Video’s featuring
Original Canadian Music.

L.A. Studio Productions

Our Team assists you throughout your entire recording project: from budgets to schedules, pre-production, utilizing the right studio musicians, song choices, writing, arranging, rehearsal, all the way to recording, mixing and mastering the final product.

We provide input into client/music style, artistic vision, industry review, project analysis and material selection for individual artists and groups. Other options include expanded input into styling selection, collaboration efforts, demo/master, evaluation/selection/production, presentation techniques just to name a few.

Our team puts you on the right path in your music career!

We have worked with several Soloists, Duo’s and Bands from across Western Canada and the Northwest USA, including Rock, Metal, Alternative, Country, Rap / Hip-Hop, Gospel, Orchestral, Funk and Jazz.

We understand to the majority of independent music artists, there are only 2 things that matter, playing live and selling CD’s and while these two elements are important, the ability to understand the process behind the business of Music is crucial to anyone who is serious about getting anywhere. L.A Records and Media has been working relentlessly to develop relationships throughout the industry in an effort to assist the music stars of tomorrow in their development and growth today.

Our trained, qualified and experienced team guide artists through every aspect of the recording process. Whether getting your music completed or composing new original music, written specifically by you, we have the professional studio team to “make it right!”

With over 25 years of certified production / recording experience, we guide you through a finished, quality product with Broadcast Clarity others search for.

We Provide complete talent development including: Vocal Coaching, Stage Presence and Performance, Wardrobe, Hair and Make-up, Bio’s, Promo Pictures / Video’s, Album Artwork, Replication as well as Talent Showcases just to name a few!

This complete package gives every artist an Amazing Presentation!

Want to take your Music to the next Level? On the road? Opening for headline acts or just playing the bar scene? We have connected ourselves with the Biggest Talent Agencies across North America over the last 25 years and have the connections to get your music in the right hands!


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