L.A. Studio Productions creates original Custom Music or “Advertising Jingles” for just about any type of Product, Service or Promotional Event!

We provide advertisers with a consistent image upon which to build an advertising campaign.

Music enhances almost everything you do when promoting a product or service.

L.A. Studio Productions works with you composing the words and music to enhance your business image for Radio, Television and Web.

Whether you’re an RV or Auto Dealer, Retail Store or Service Based Business, a custom jingle can build your advertising so it informs and motivates your customers.

Delivering Affordable Custom Jingle Tracks for a one time buyout price.

Key Jingle Benefits: include
setting your business apart from your competitors.

Have a “Jingle” convey your message or identity engages your customers.

30 Second Jingle Package
You’ll receive Five (5) – 30 second tracks in total including;

Jingle “Single” Track – 30 seconds

Jingle “Intro” sing with music bed – 30 seconds

Jingle “Extro” sing with music bed – 30 seconds

Jingle “Donut” Intro and Extro Sing with music bed.

Fully Produced including copy writing and voiceover, giving your ads that “Out of Market Edge!”

– est. Since 1997 –