Take the Stress “Out” of your
Social Media Ad Creation

L.A. Studio Productions produces Social Media for a variety of mediums including complete audio, video and graphics
and websites, all at a price that

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Custom Advertising Made For Your Business

You can hire Jr. but when it comes to quality at a rate that is less than another employee taking up space and money can deliver, why would you?

From animating your corporate logo to producing a 30 second social media video or even a corporate training video, we get the job done right with storyboarding, scripting, casting, production, editing and mastering.

Turn your social media ads into full video production with audio, voiceover, moving graphics, fx and animated logo.

Social Media content is the key to building an unforgettable brand and turning your followers into devoted customers.

With upwards of 60% of the world’s population on social media, having a strong and engaging content creation is a must to succeed in this digital era!

8 Steps to Create a Social Media Content Creation Strategy
Step 1:

Understand Your Target Audience
Step 2:

Identify and Research Your Competitors
Step 3:

Set Your Content Goals
Step 4:

Determine Your Content-Type
Step 5:

Select Your Social Media Platforms
Step 6:

Create Social Media Content Calendar
Step 7:

Promote and Publish High-quality Content Regularly
Step 8:

Measure Outcomes

Yes. we do all of the above for you!

The below infographic from WordStream gives you an overview of the age group, demographics, and type of content that works well for different platforms. You can use it to decide which works best for your business. For example, if you are targeting mainly B2B clients, LinkedIn is a great option.

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