Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising

Social media is designed for right now, but its power and potential is built for the future. Ensure that you make use of it, as well as keep abreast of changes and improvements. 

The people working for Facebook (or any of your other favorite social media platforms) are not only thinking about your 13-year-old cousin and her mall pictures; they’re thinking business. That’s why they have developed many tools that can be used for improving your social media activity and keeping track of it.

A good example is Facebook’s “Insights” section. Using this tool available for Facebook Pages (not personal profiles), you can view your business’ Facebook statistics: amount, gender and location of people who follow you, daily, weekly and monthly “likes”, post reach and much more. It can even tell you how many times and for how long your videos were watched. And it shows all of this data in well-presented graphs.

So don’t miss your chance and make the most out of your Social Media Pages. As well as tools like “Insights”, you’ll also have the option to pay for advertising.

If you can spare some marketing dollars, we would totally recommend you give paid ads a go. Unlike traditional adverts (on TV, newspapers, signage, etc.), social media adverts are very flexible with the amount of money you can choose to pay, and still assure you a vast reach within your chosen audience.

You can also manage that investment through the time it lasts, and track the efficiency and reach in real time – something that even multi-million dollar television companies couldn’t do before the advent of the internet! But the most important aspect of Facebook ads, and the thing that’s really put this kind of online advertising on the map, is the extremely detailed targeting of these ads.

As we’ve discussed before, great businesses learn to niche down and target a specific type of customer or client. With Facebook ads, businesses have a huge amount of information to target their ads with (it’s been accruing on the platform for years in the profiles of all its millions upon millions of users!) The information that users put on their Facebook profiles allows them to be targeted by businesses for ads that appeal to them. Never before has their been a time when a business can target potential customers so exactly.

Just one example, if you’re a Jewellery Store, you can choose to run a Facebook ad in your local region and target female users who have got engaged in the last six months. If that sounds crazy to you, it’s just one example of the extreme targeting tools within Facebook – wait till you see it in detail!

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