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Corporate Jingles and Music Beds Within Your Budget!

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L.A. Studio Productions creates original Custom Music or “Advertising Jingles” for just about any type of Product, Service or Promotional Event.

Music enhances almost everything you do when promoting a product or service. L.A. Studio Productions works with you composing the words and music to enhance your business profile and image in both Radio and Television.

We provide advertisers with a consistent image upon which to build an advertising campaign. How many times have you found yourself singing “Alka Seltzer, Mr. Clean or Oscar Meyer” or some other memorable musical ditty?

Key Jingle Benefits:

  • Set your business apart from your competitors.
  • Have a “Jingle” convey your message or identity.
  • Consistent vehicle for getting your message to consumers.
  • Set a mood or appeal to emotions.
  • Memorable advertising that sticks with potential clients.
  • Very competitive rates.

Popular Song Reproduction In Your Commercials

L.A. Studio Productions reproduces popular songs from any musical era/genre, including all vocals and complete musical production.

We produce exact replica’s of the original song so you won’t be able to tell the difference between the artist version and our unique productions. In the event that an exact musical reproduction is not possible, we create it as close as possible.

Music reproduction is perfect for radio and television commercials.

All of our musical reproductions are “buyout” and owned in full by our clients

Our production team and studio musicians have the ability to build the music tracks using the same instruments and effects heard on the original music. We provide a wide range of male and female vocalists, emulate a wide variety of musical artists.

When a company uses an original song for commercial purposes, there are two royalty fees that need to be paid out as per the license agreements, they include:

1. The Artist
This is the person or group who sang and performed the original song. For example, if you wanted to use the popular song “The Boys are Back in Town” by the Thin Lizzy, you would need to pay Thin Lizzy a royalty fee for the use of the song.

2. The Publisher
This is the person who owns the publishing rights to the song, which in most cases the person or persons who wrote the song. In some cases, there are other parties who may own a share in the publishing rights.

If you decide you want to use the original song as produced by the original artist, you need to get permission from both the artist and the publisher to use the song in your radio commercial, television commercial.

Buying the rights for use of the original artist is costly, that is why most people use our services to reproduce the song.

Remember you only need to obtain permission from the publisher and the royalty fees for the publishing rights are much less. You do not need permission from the original artist if you are doing a musical reproduction of the song.

Publishers are happy to sell you the rights to reproduce the music and vocals on any song, just as long as the product meets approval.

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