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Imagine how great your advertising will be with perfect casting to suit your corporate image. Select from a wide variety of Voices including Male and Female, Foreign Accents, Cartoon/Celebrity Impressions, Children’s Voices, Radio Announcer Voices, among many other styles and variations. From our library of available voices you can choose from a complete cast of characters.

The L.A. Studio Casting Crew
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Brad Lang

Brad Lang


Brad Lang Owner/Producer has had a career in Radio/TV/Music Production that spans 25 years. He received his Diploma in Radio / TV / Audio Production in the United States in 1987. Brad’s repertoire includes over 100 Character and Cartoon Voice Impressions. Brad has performed at various radio stations, nightclubs, charity events, corporate functions and as master of ceremonies of The Classic Rock Weekends and Shakin The Lake Concerts in 1997,98,99,2000 in Alberta and Manitoba.
As well, Brad has done several concert tour spots including April Wine, Nazareth, Kim Mitchell, Quiet Riot, Lee Aaron, Headpins, JunkHouse, Headstones and the Classic Rock Weekends just to name a few.

“Having been employed in the newspaper, radio, t.v. broadcasting industries, I want to ensure L.A. Studio Productions strives to maintain itself as an industry leader and trendsetter throughout North America and around the World. We will meet the demands of our diverse markets by providing a quality product that is tailor made to our advertisers requirements.

Fits with any theme required. From Soft and Sultry to Dramatically Hard. She features a Smooth, Seasoned, Fresh, and affordable voice for any voiceover. Versatile from an everyday mom to the hip woman next door! Kate is an excellent choice for your next project.


Includes the classic booming God-Like, rude new yorker, toothless hillbillie, wily Jamaician even crock wrasslin’ austrailians. Chuck has a great attitude and sense of humor and is ready for your next project.

Has years of Broadcast experience. His Impersonations, Accents and other character voices have been heard across Western Canada on various Radio Stations.


New Voices

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