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Radio Commercial Production

Fully Produced SINGLE Radio Ad Campaign Includes:
1 Voice Talent, Music Bed, Scriptwriting, Unlimited Sound Effects, All Studio Time, Digitally Mastered Hard Copy via .wav, CD, .mp3 or any format you require. This is a one spot buy only and includes timeline up-dates FREE. Price includes voicing and production.

1X15 sec Basic: $30.00
1X30 sec Basic: $85.00
1X60 sec Basic: $120.00

Fully Produced DELUXE Radio Ad Campaign
Package Includes:

One Voice, One Music Bed, Scriptwriting, Unlimited Sound FX, All Studio Time, Digitally Mastered Hard Copy via .wav, CD, mp3 or any format you require.


Deluxe Package includes 6 Radio Ads

6X30 sec Deluxe Package: $550.00 plus tax
6X60 sec Deluxe Package: $750.00 plus tax

The short length of radio and television ads make it seem that writing them would be simple. In fact, they are more difficult to write because they need to convey the advertiser’s message in a meaningful way in such a short time.

We take the time to fully understand your company, marketing goals, target market, and single key benefit to build an amazing concept around and it all starts with an idea and script.

1X15 sec: $25.00
1X30 sec: $35.00
1X60 sec: $50.00

Cold Voiceovers

Voice Talent:
Our voice talent works tirelessly to make sure that every aspect of the production delivers the results you are after. Don’t let something like the voice over bring down the quality of your product. Our L.A. Studio Talent/Casting consists of professional, local and native voice-over experts. No matter how simple or complex “the read”, we give it 100% commitment. Making it convenient and easy as possible for our clients.

With various male and female talents from around the world our talented team delivers the message you want for your advertising. Prices vary per Voice Artist. (Prices subject to National and International funds for some artists)

World Accents/Cartoon/Celebrity Impression Voices – Fully Produced
Voice Talent, Music Bed, Scriptwriting, Unlimited Sound Effects, All Studio Time, Digitally Mastered Hard Copy via CD, mp3 or any format you require. Imagine your ads with World Accents/Cartoon/Celebrity Voice Impressions and excellent casting. Select from a wide variety of Character sounds including: Cartoon Impressions, Celebrity Impressions, Children Voices, among many other styles and variations too numerous to list. From our library of available voices you can choose from a complete cast of male and female cartoon characters, plus a complete list of television and film impersonation voices.

There is an additional charge for each extra voice per spot. Rates on up-date changes of the same campaign are subject to a nominal additional fee.

Cold Voiceovers for Radio
Start at;




Radio Imaging / Promotions / Tags:
$25.00 per standard 8.5 X 11 size page of text.


Cold Voiceovers for Television
start at;

15 sec-$40
30 sec-$80
60 sec-$160



TV Imaging / Promotions / Tags:

Corporate Audio Narrations
start at;

0-5 minutes   $75 per minute
6-15 minutes $375 – $550
16-30 minutes $550 – $750
31-45 minutes $750 – $925
46-60 minutes $925 – $1125

Corporate Video Narrations

0-5 minutes $50 per minute
6-15 minutes $275 – $450
16-30 minutes $450 – $600
31-45 minutes $600 – $775
46-60 minutes $775 – $950

Television Commercial Production

We have extensive experience in editing TV commercial productions for broadcast and have extensive knowledge of all the TVB stipulations required for on screen text, supers and graphics. If the commercial requires legal text to be displayed, we can ensure that your TV ad production complies with the current guidelines and specifications.

TV Commercials
15 second starts at $499.00
30 second starts at $799.00
60 second starts at $999.00

We come to your location to film for 2 hours and includes all post-production.

30 Second Web Personality
You are the Actor starts at $850.00
We come to your location to film your speech and provide up to 5 hours of post production.

30 Second Web Personality
Using Our Talent starts at $950.00
Fully Produced in our studio,you choose the actor, we write the script,film it, then send you a proof through our secure spot server with all post production included.

Corporate Web Video
Starts at $1950.00
We come to your location and film up to 3 hours and provide up to 5 hours of post-production. Produces anywhere from a 3-5 minute video production.

Green Screen Package
Includes: Our 32′ X 22′ Full Green Screen and Pro Lighting Studio Stage,
One pre-lit Green Screen (12’h x 20’w x 32′ depth as needed) Stage Manager,
Lighting Board Operator, Lighting Grid, AC/Power, Risers & Props
Audio Production Control (w/Half or Full Day)
2 LCD Monitors – 32″ / 62″
2-3 HD Camera Angles
$150/hr (2 hr minimum)
$750 Half-Day
$1,150 Full-Day

Post Production Editing is where we create the style and substance of the video – sequencing all of the available assets into a cohesive story that communicates your key messages in a clear and engaging manner. Post production includes:

Video Editing, Motion Graphics, 3D Animation, Visual Effects, Music Scoring, Sound Design, Color Correction and Video Authoring.
All Narration Voicing Extra.

In an effort to deliver a planned production budget, we need to know more information on your particular project. What is the purpose of the video? Who is the target audience? How do you plan to distribute the video—on DVD, web, or via broadcast? Are we providing all or just some of the production services?

Studio Recording Packages For Aspiring Musicians including Solo’s, Duo’s and Bands.

Studio Musicians are available for ALL Productions
Drums, Bass, Guitars, Keys, Violin, Chello, Background Vocals, just to name a few!
Rates vary per musician.

1st Time Recording Package

Now $900.00
10 hours Studio Recording including Engineer and Producer,
Radio Ready CD Mastering,
Logo Design,
Digital Media Press Kit
Professional Photo’s

6 Song-Radio Ready Demo Pack

NOW $2495.00
3 Days-24 hours Studio Recording including:
Engineer and Producer,
Editing, Mixdown and Mastering,
100 CD Duplication (full color screen printing) 1 in 1 booklet and packaging
DVD’s of your in Studio performance
Radio Ready CD Mastering,
Digital Poster for Live Shows,
100 Duplicated CD Demo’s
Pro Photography Session

Full Album – Radio Ready Release Pack

NOW $9999.00
10 Days (80 hours) Recording
Record, Edit, Mix and Master Radio Release Pack,
1,000 Compact Discs or 1,000 Digital Sticks
Full color screen printing 4 in 1 Booklet and Packaging for CD’s,
Encode all Songs to .mp3’s on a Master Digital Stick,
DVD’s of your in studio performance and recording time for each member,
Pro Photography Session,
Album Graphics – Logo Design,
Artist/Band Web Design with Audio/Video,
Artist/Band Backdrop Banner
250 Laminated Business Cards
Digital Media Press Kit – Bio, Pics, .mp3 Demo’s, Song List, Ryder Requirements and Stage Plot.


NOW $2500.00
We like to listen to the song first to evaluate if it has commercial viability or strong viral potential or both. Often if we like the song, we are more likely to make a sweat-equity investment in the form of gear, reduced crew rates or extra edit hours. If we don’t really connect with the song or make the judgement that the final product won’t really have legs from a viewership standpoint, we will typically pass. We ask the artist if they have a concept in mind for two reasons. If the artist has a vision for the video, we want to evaluate how much it will cost to realize that vision successfully. If the artist does not have a concept, we will determine what concepts we can effectively execute with the funds available, which leads into the final question: the budget. The budget dictates nearly every facet of the music video production and post production process. Without one, we can’t clearly lay out a plan to produce a successful video because we don’t know what tools we’ll have at our disposal.

Corporate Music Signatures and Jingles

Jingles Include all Studio Time, Studio Musicians including any instrument you can think of, Male or Female Vocalist(s), Sound Fx, Editing, Mix and Final Mastering to finished broadcast quality product.

30 Second Jingle Starts at $2500.00
You’ll receive cuts including: Full Sing, Intro Sing, Extro Sing, Instrumental and Donut.

30 and 60 Second Jingle Package Starts at $2950.00
You’ll receive cuts including: Full Sing, Intro Sing, Extro Sing, Instrumental and Donut.

Corporate ON HOLD Tracks

Standard Phone Tracks: $150.00
With a total of 10-15sec Messages about any type of product, service or promotion. This package features either a male or female voice and an excellent music score.

Custom Phone Tracks: $250.00
Designed exclusively for your business and market, your Custom Phone Traxx package allows you to choose and promote the information you need to set your business apart from the competition.
10 Custom Messages (5 min max)

Monthly Custom Phone Tracks: $150.00/mth
Creating Monthly Updates to promote specific items you need to sell. This custom package is the Main Event! Payment Terms available.

Accents/Character Voice Tracks: $375.00
Creatively designed, exclusively with celebrity voices. See Voices for a list of characters.
10 custom Cartoon/Celebrity voice messages

Holiday Phone Tracks: $325.00
Holiday Greetings bring a warm and more personalized approach to your clients on hold.
Each Holiday Package Includes 10 Custom Phone Traxx featuring Holiday and Regular information with an excellent selection of background music (5 min max)

Seasonal Custom Phone Tracks: $700.00/yr
Designed exclusively for your business and market, your Seasonal Custom Phone Traxx package allows you to choose and promote the information you need to set your business apart from the competition seasonally 4 times a year.
10 Custom Messages per season (5 min max)

All productions are buy-out deals. That is, L.A. Studio Productions places No Restrictions on the number or size of markets your productions can play. The only Restriction placed on productions is that L.A. Studio Productions retains the copyright, as well, all musical content is retained by the original artists, producer and or company label. Neither the production or the parts contained therein can be resold by the purchaser. Other than that, do with it as you will.

In most cases we can ship via .mp3 the very same day! CD, DVD, MINIDISC, the very next day*. If you need it RIGHT AWAY and you have internet access, our NEW SECURE SPOT SERVER allows you to download your finished advertisement immediately from the web. Your ads are available 24/7. L.A. Studio Productions has provided the finished ad in a Format for quick and easy download right from our CLIENTS DOWNLOAD AREA (login+password required).

All purchases require 50% of payment in advance and the balance due within 30 days. All Prices are subject to G.S.T.

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